From design to packaging

AH Packaging’s service goes further than developing transparent packaging. Before the final packaging is made, a team of specialists work out the idea and develop the plotter model. You will receive advice on design, color and use of the materials.

Transparent communication

How would you like to have the packaging printed? What shape will the packaging take? Our communication with you is one-on-one, so you always know who to contact if you have questions about your transparent packaging. Making clear delivery arrangements and optimal stock management are part of our equally transparent communication.

Printed packaging

Would you like to have your packaging printed? AH Packaging offers you the option of having your product printed by screen or offset.
You decide how and in what way your packaging is printed. AH Packaging executes it for you; fast and excellent of quality.
Would you prefer a luxurious touch? Then have gold or silver foil applied.

Die cutting

AH Packaging not only produces packaging, but also produces windows for your packaging. A combination of cardboard and plastic is possible. Plan sheets can also be supplied in various shapes and sizes.


A relief for example, your logo, recycling sign or PET logo can be easily realized.

Pasting and folding

AH Packaging has five folding, gluing machines, resulting in several bonding techniques:

  • longitudinal seam
  • autolock
  • 4-point
  • Bottom and lid, these are supplied set up, possibly with an insert of (gold) cardboard

The contract gluing of cardboard for third parties is also possible by AH Packaging. Please contact us!